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Pro. Gong Ting from City University of HK Comes to Our School to Give a Lecture
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On the evening of April 7th 2016, at the invitation of Law and Independent Research Center of Hunan University (Hunan Independent research base), profssor Gong Ting from Public and Social Administration Academic Department in City University of HongKong gave a lecture in the topic of Administrative Values: Comparison between Mainland China and Hong Kong Civil Servants. Professor Long Taijiang, deputy director of Independent Research Center hosted the lecture.

Professor Gongting first introduced the differences between the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong civil service,which have something in commoon are the constrained hierarchical structure,code of conduct, fixed salaries and relative tenure. The differences mianly are: the mainland stay out of political neutrality,insist on the party administrators,not engaged in political official and clerical official;while, the HongKong civil service system insist on making off political official and clerical official.


inherited from the British Civil service,civil servants below the Accountability Office subject to the principles of “political neutral”.

Then Professor Gong Ting introduced a comparative study she and her collaborators conducted regarding the Mainland and Hong Kong Civil Service Administrative Values. Her team made a research towards 355 civil servants in Hong Kong and 366 government officials from the mainland, taking the concept of the rule of law, personal values and organizational values of consistency, conflicts within the organization, personal work and ethics andregulations, reform tendencies as the measure system,leading to the results of the exsitence of differencens and similarities between the Mainland and Hong Kong Civil Service administrative values.

In Hong Kong, the civil servants have high administrative capacity, rules and regulations are respected and popular. Therefore there is less chance of disruptive change. The civil servants respect the bureaux and departments they belong to, reckoning that the boss is virtuous. There is samll differences between personal values and organizational values. They obey to the civil service procedures strictly, which are more or less consistent with the public interest. But Weberian bureaucracy is increasingly rigid. Resisting some changes might cause resisting to all changes. In the mainland, compared to Hong Kong, the civil service system is imperfect. The "rule of man" or "right to rule" distinctive characteristics are very common, requiring newly appointed officials have the ability to reform and innovate, which in turn reinforces the above characteristics. Compared to the Hong Kong Civil Servants,the mainland civil servants’s sense of belonging is less, who are more likely to choose to resign. Conflict within the organization are more, which is also more willing to accept advice from outside. They are not averse to change and may be more willing to invest in the significant reforms.

In the questioning interactive session, teachers and students in Hong Kong Independent Commission proposed questions regarding experience, how to learn from the Hong Kong Independent experiences, issues related corruption and economic development, corruption relations with Chinese traditional culture and other positive questions. Professor Gong Ting reponded to the questions one by one, who thinks that incorrupt government is a systematic project, not simply the establishment of an Independent Commission Against Corruption.