• Schoolfellows of Law Science in 2000 paid a visit back to alma mater
  • Professor Qu Maohui and his party’s visit to Japan achieved gratifying results
  • A grand opening ceremony was held for graduate students of 2014
  • The red-carpet granding ceremony for the 2014th postgraduates
  • Our school held a seminar with Hokkaido University Law School
Seminar on the construction of demonstration base was held
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In the morning of March 29, our law school held a seminar on the construction of school-enterprise cooperation demonstration base on training excellent legal personnels in the Maplewood Hotel . Yin Xin, Deputy Director of Dean's Office of Hunan University and Professor Qu Maohui, Dean of Hunan University Law School, respectively made a speech on behalf of function departments and the law school at the opening ceremony. Attending the seminar were members of the Party’s Group from relavant courts and other teachers and students. Professor Nie Zilu,  Associate Dean, presided over the opening ceremony.


Yin Xin, Deputy Director of Dean’s Office of Hunan Unviersity, pointed out that we focused more on training the students to learn the knowledge themsevles rather than just simply being taught by the teachers. This change made the base construction of the cooperation between schools and enterprise more important. Professor Qu also noted that in order to enhance the abilities of the students to acutually practice, promoting the in-depth cooperation between the courts and procuratorates became excessively vital, especially the diversities on the courses for the students. Chen Yongchao suggested that we need to promote the communication between courts and schools, like the resources on trial. Yuan Zheng expressed his willingness of enhancing the cooperation between the two sides.


This seminar included three parts. The attendants not only point out the drawbacks of the current situation, but also gave some solutions. Every representive proposed his or her suggestions on the implementation, which would without doubt make our dreams come true in the future.