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The former ICAC Commissioner Guo Wenwei gave a lecture in HNU
2016-03-31 09:13:01  View:159

On the night of March 21, 2016, invited by Centre of Anti-Corruption Studies of Hunan University ( Base of Anti-Corruption Studies of Hunan Province ) , Mr. Guo Wenwei, a member of Expert Group on Anti-corruption of the United Nations and a former associate commissioner of the ICAC in Hong Kong, gave a lecture entitled “Change corruption into honesty: the anti-corruption experience of Hong Kong and Internation” in the moot court of Hunan University Law School. Professor Long Taijiang, associate director of the Centre of Anti-Corruption Studies presided over the lecture.

Based on his own experiences, Mr. Guo analyzed the experience of how Hong Kong became one of the most successful cities against corruption. He pointed out that law enforcement, corruption prevention and education were three approaches to combat corruption, which were the important factors of the success of the ICAC of Hong Kong, and effective law enforcement was its foundation. The Independent Commission Against Corruption has a total number of more than 1300 staffs, of which about 1000 people are in the operations department, accounting for 70%~80% of the total number of the employees, which indicates the high attention of ICAC on law enforcement. The independent operations of the ICAC and corresponding legal protection are the key elements in its effective enforcement and the setting up of Review Committee and other check and balance mechanism prevent the ICAC from abusing their power. Mr. Guo focused on college students, basing on actual cases to illustrate the problem of conflicts of interest, and remind the students to avoid similar problems in the future.

After Q&A session, teachers and students asked questions on the experience of the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption, how the mainland could benefit from it, and even how to deal with overseas bribery issues. And Mr. Guo answered every question in detail.

With rich contents and unique perspectives, this lecture let students and teachers learn a lot, which was also a significant educational course for the students.