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Li Dan’s intellectual property proposal got approved by Xu Shousheng
2016-03-31 09:09:55  View:46

Learning from the Plenary Session of the Secretariat on the fourth session of the People's Political Consultative Conference that on January 24, Xu shousheng the Provincial Party Secretary and Director of the Provincial People's Congress, gave highly recognition on the proposal written by Li Dan, Chief Operating Officer of our Patent Service Center, also submitted by Zhi Gong Party of Hunan Provincial Committee. The proposal entitled on basing on intellectual property management innovation as a breakthrough point to promote the construction of national independent innovation demonstration zone in Chang-Zhu-Tan. He requested the departments concerned to seriously consider.

Chang-Zhu-Tan national independent innovation demonstration zone created 70% of scientific and technological achievements in the province , but there are problems on lacking high-end talents to the operations of intellectual property and enterprises lacking awareness of intellectual property rights and other issues. Basing on a great number of research, the proposal pointed out that: we should base on intellectual property management innovation as a breakthrough point to promote the construction of national independent innovation demonstration zone. And he also proposed four points of recommendations: first, concentrating a group of talents who can operate intellectual property to form a think tank so that they can give advice to the riskness and the proposals; then, setting up a system which is based on enterprise to enhance the implementation of it; further, promoting the assurances of the safeguard of the legal rights; finally, attracting the talents to come to Hunan by giving more funds.

Xu Shousheng pointed out in the approval that the four proposals from Zhi Gong Party made a difference and he required the Provincial Science and Technology Department and the Provincial Intellectual Property Bureau to carefully consider and create a good external environment and also to secure additional intellectual property rights in the province into real productive forces, so that we could make greater contributions to complete the building of a well-off society.

The centre was set up on December 18, 2014. And the centre will do their best according to the requirement of the provincial office on the university patent work, which included “increasing the production while promoting the quality, the protection of innovation, the transformation of application and training talents.”We would establish "a platform with three centres", and promote the development of patent applications to do the work of safeguard of rights and the work of protection, evaluation and training.