• Schoolfellows of Law Science in 2000 paid a visit back to alma mater
  • Professor Qu Maohui and his party’s visit to Japan achieved gratifying results
  • A grand opening ceremony was held for graduate students of 2014
  • The red-carpet granding ceremony for the 2014th postgraduates
  • Our school held a seminar with Hokkaido University Law School
We signed an agreement with St John's University School of law
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In the morning of October 16, Professor Jeffrey K. Walker on behalf of St John's University School of law came to visit our law school. Professor Walker's visit had two purposes. First, he acted as the representative of St John's University School of Law to discuss cooperation issues with us. The second was to pay a visit to us, preaching the information of studying abroad.

At 9 o'clock in the morning, Professor Qu Maohui, Dean of Hunan University Law School,  discussed intercollegiate cooperation on both sides of the negotiations with Mr.Walker. First of all, Dean Qu Maohui extended a warm welcome to Mr.Walker, and introduced the communication history of the two schools. Professor Walker introduced the current situation of cooperation with Chinese universities, saying that he was looking forward to cooperate with Hunan University Law School. He hoped outstanding teachers and students of Hunan University Law School to carry out academic exchanges and study visits through exchange programs to St John's University School of Law. Dean Qu said thanks for Professor Walker’s recommendation. And he expressed our willingness and longing to cope with St John's University. He also introduced our cooperation with Washington University, Chicag-Kent College of Law and Oklahoma City University. Our cooperation projects included "1+1" and some related exchange projects. He asked more details of the exchange project, such as transfer points, English results, tuition, and accommodation problem. Professor Walker said that credits, transfering points, fees, accommodation and other issues were described in the agreement, and St John's University School of Law would interview the students and determine if they had enough bases on the basic of English and comprehensive TOEFL and IELTS scores. And he told us that outstanding students could continue to pursue a doctor’s degree.

In addition, Qu Maohui asked about the introduction of the teachers in areas such as intellectual property law, international law and environmental law from United States. Professor Walker expressed the willingness to pay more attention to such information in order to help introduce teachers in our law school. He could also encourage doctors from St John’s University School of Law to work in our law scholl for a year. After discussing more details of the cooperation contract, the two sides exchanged gifts with each other, and subsequently signed a cooperation agreement.

At 10:30 A.M., Professor Walker preached the information of studying abroad in Room 216. He gave a lot of advice for Chinese students and visiting scholars who had the willingness to visit St John's University School of Law. And he provided a number of recommendations. He also introduced the contents of cooperation projects, studying abroad, courses and teachers in detail. At last, he communicated with teachers and students, and answered the questions. The meeting came to an end in the warm applause of everyone.