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Patrick Mendis from Kennedy School of Harvard University gave a lecture
2015-10-11 16:51:50  View:63

  On the afternoon of September 22, Professor Patrick Mendis from Kennedy School of Harvard University gave a lecture in the moot court of our law school, whose theme was China’s One-Belt and One-Road Strategy and the Challenges of Sino-American Relations. Liu Shaohua, a Professor of political science teachers and Director of Hunan University Institute for International Studies served as the host of the seminar and made a comment.

  Mr Patrick Mendis, Sri Lankan-Americans, has taught at the University of Minnesota, the University of Maryland and Yale; enter the United States State Department, next to former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Colin Powell served again for its excellent leadership, United States State Department awarded its Medal of honor and the Benjamin Franklin medals. He was a great educator, diplomat and author.

  Talks around a question: "along the way" strategy proposed was the Chinese version of the "Marshall Plan" or "Silk Road revival" spread. First, Mr Patrick Mendis  for we recalled the strategy of formed of road, XI President in Kazakhstan Nazarbayev University published important speech, first proposed has strengthening policy communication, and road Unicom, and trade smooth, and circulation, and people communicates, common construction "Silk Road economic with" of strategy initiative; subsequently, XI President in Indonesia Congress published important speech Shi clear proposed, China is committed to strengthening with ASEAN national of interconnected Exchange construction, may with ASEAN national development good marine cooperation partners relationship, Build together "21Century Maritime Silk Road "above, is what we call" along the way "strategy. Secondly, by way of historical arguments to show that "along the way" development in a new era of peace diplomacy, China is a major innovation. As early as in the Tang dynasty, China had opened up the ancient Silk Road, to trade with neighboring countries for peace and friendship exchanges, have reached mutually beneficial results in the Ming dynasty, Zheng He's voyages, opened up the "Silk Road on the sea". Above all the facts prove that, in Chinese culture, the friendly mutual diplomatic to trade with other countries, is well documented. Moreover, the exit rate from China, a new era of Chinese people in their efforts to understand the world, attempt to communicate with people of different cultures. Ze Po people at the same time, China's high-speed train, and speed in the world. Finally, Mr Patrick Mendis said, should be based on the cultural background of China, with a Chinese perspective to look at China, Sino-US relations have further development in the future, and cultural understanding is essential.

  "If you want to comment it, you should approach about it first. Perhaps this disagreement misunderstanding would be less." This brilliant lecture aroused enthusiasm resounds. Liu Shaohua made final reviews for the lecture, and he thought highly of Mr. Patrick Mendis’ responsibility and caution for the lecture.