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Germany Scholar on Competition Law Gave Lectures
2015-10-11 16:49:52  View:58

  On the afternoon of September 23, in Hunan University Law School Conference room, Mr. Ulrich Schwalbe and Mr. Daniel Zimmer respectively gave a lecture, whose theme was"of taxi market and economic micro-economy" and "digital marketing: adjustment of the competition law" respectively. Vice President and Professor Zheng Pengcheng acted as the host of this event and gave his comment.

  Ulrich Schwalbe, Professor of Hockheim University Economy Institute and Micro Economics and the Industry Economics , whose representative papers are "anti-trust method in the damage of quantitative", "calculation cartel caused of damage in the of anti-facts" and "longitudinal structure in the of pricing--from economics vision of price constraints and price recommends". Mr. Daniel Zimmer, Director of Business and Economy Law Research Center of Bonn University, professor of civil law and economy law, and President of Germany Monopoly Committee, whose representative papers are " Differentiated products, non-coordinated effects and price pressure test: whether the definition of the relevant market will become irrelevant in the merger control procedure? "," The basic objective of competition law: protection of market trading partners "and" behavioural economics as a tool of economic law "and so on.

  The first part of the lecture was presided over by Mr. Ulrich for a speech on his theme. In his lecture, he took the taxi market economics point of view on the issues, introducing Germany rules to compete with its existing model. He insisited that addressing the issue of taxi market regulation was more effective than prohibition; in the second half of the lecture, Daniel was also talking about his topic. Firstly, he chose a specific cost structures to explain the degree of market concentration. Secondly, he introduced the related regulatory instruments and factors to further competition law intervention after the changes in the digital market.

  Throughout the lecture, the two experts conveyed us new perspectives and theories, bringing all of us new fulcrum of academic viewpoints and researches, so that everyone benefited a lot. The talk had a successful conclusion, and we had many thanks for the arrival of two professors.