• Schoolfellows of Law Science in 2000 paid a visit back to alma mater
  • Professor Qu Maohui and his party’s visit to Japan achieved gratifying results
  • A grand opening ceremony was held for graduate students of 2014
  • The red-carpet granding ceremony for the 2014th postgraduates
  • Our school held a seminar with Hokkaido University Law School
“Seven ` One” Honor Giving Ceremony
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  In order to celebrate the CPC’s 94th establishing anniversary and to encourage the outstanding workers and members in the last year, Party Committee of Hunan University Law School hold the honors-giving meeting in simulated court on July 1st, 2015. CPC Secretary of Law School Professor Li Lianyou and Assistant CPC Secretary Ms. Fu Rongfen attend the meeting and all the staff is present at the meeting to enjoy the moment with the members that receive the honors.

After the solemn national anthem, the first ceremony begins—the entry ceremony for the new CPC members developed in the first half of 2015. With the lead of Mr. Liu Yuefeng, the Secretary of Youth League of Law School, 30 or so new CPC members make their vows with high emotions and spirits under the Party flag. Comrade Chen Ruobing makes the speech as representative to all the people. She says that in reviewing the experience to the CPC, she has to thank all the CPC members for theirs’ generous help and she will exert the exemplary influence as a Communist Party member and advance together with all the colleague students.

After that begins the second ceremony—to honor the excellent members and outstanding branch of Communist Party. With accordance to the judging standard, Ms. Fu Rongfen announces to us that the three Communist Party branches in criminal law department and civil law department get the Excellent Staff Branch of CPC and 2014 public management graduates students win the Excellent Student Branch of CPC. In addition, comrade Yu Kai, Jiang Haisong and the other 7 get the Excellent CPC Member; Shen Huaran, Xiao Feiyang and the other 35 students get the Excellent Student CPC Member; Li Yiyang and the other 8 get the Excellent CPC Affair Dealers. For those branches who did well in the serial activities of 70th Sino-Japan War Victory Anniversary, the committee decides 2013’s and 2012’s undergraduates associated student CPC branch be the Excellent Organization Renovating Prize. Then, after the award-giving ceremony, Cao Yuning makes his speech as recipient’s representation. She says this honor belongs to anyone who make his or her efforts. In return for the prize, all the recipients will work even harder to thank all the teachers and students who have supported them.

At last, CPC Secretary of Law School Professor Li Lianyou says that he congratulates all the honored students and staff. He hopes that they can keep this spirits in the future and play their role as a good example to lead advancing the school course. He also requires that as the outstanding member among college students, they are the best in the youth. They must always keep humble and plain and increase their Communist nourishment and finally become a widely welcomed CPC member.

    This meeting is an inspiring one. It makes a comprehensive summary to the last year’s work and blueprints the outlook for the future. We believe after that our course will go even more smoothly and make greater achievement.