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  • Professor Qu Maohui and his party’s visit to Japan achieved gratifying results
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Cooperation paper signed with Demark Human Rights Research Institution
2015-08-13 08:47:11  View:32

    After seemingly endless hard negotiations, CPC Secretary of Law School, Professor Qu Maohui and the leading figure in criminal law subject Professor Zhang Zhihui signed on behalf of Law School in the cooperation contract with Demark Human Rights Research Institute on April 13th, 2015. The cooperation now officially begins and both sides will develop the deep cooperation with each other in the following two years. They will also organize the training program with the theme of the application of new code of criminal procedure and the protection for human rights.

    Demark Human Rights research Institute is an independent, nation-supported human rights researching organization. Its spheres include researching, education and the national and international program’s implementation. Since 1978, Demark Human Rights Researching Institute has initiated a vast variety of human rights program which has influenced Africa, Asia Middle East and South America. This time, the cooperation with Hunan University Law School mainly focuses on the human rights protection in China’s criminal law suits, the proper use of force measure in criminal case and the obviation of unlawful evidence. These theme aim to help increase the human rights awareness in the attorney group and improve the ability of enforcing the law rightfully. The cooperation will go into practice through investigation, textbook compilation and attorney education.

    CPC Secretary of Law School in Hunan University, Mr. Qu Maohui says in the meeting with the representatives from the institute that the Law School of Hunan University has been long noticing the human rights issue. Honored Dean of Law School Professor Li Buyun is ever the first scholar who has been giving much attention to the issue. His academic attainment enjoys the fame at home and abroad. The research paper Two Questions about Human Rights has been submitted to the seminar about human rights theory between China and Germany in Bonn. We will make the most of the advantages of our subject, gathering more and more experts in this field to have a detailed discussion on the human rights issue and to achieve success in compiling the exemplary human rights education textbook. We are sincerely looking forward to the fruits of our cooperation.