• Schoolfellows of Law Science in 2000 paid a visit back to alma mater
  • Professor Qu Maohui and his party’s visit to Japan achieved gratifying results
  • A grand opening ceremony was held for graduate students of 2014
  • The red-carpet granding ceremony for the 2014th postgraduates
  • Our school held a seminar with Hokkaido University Law School
Inter-school cooperation intention with Francois Rabelais University
2015-04-22 09:23:55  View:74

On the afternoon of March 31, Officers of France in the central region liaison in China, Director of Francois Rabelais University International Exchange Center and Director of the foreign language center visited our law school. In room 423, they had talk with Mr Qu Maohui on the inter-university cooperation with Francois Rabelais University. Li Siqi, Associate Dean, Nie Zilu, Dean Assistant and Xu Lin and school teachers attended the talk.

    According to visiting representatives, Francois Rabelais University is a multidisciplinary university, which offers spacious educational courses and research fields. The school implements a helping system with companionship to encourage foreign students to establish contacts with their students. The school can provide foreign students via protocol exchanges with housing services, opening its doors to international students to their university. Then, Mr. Qu briefly introduced the features of our law school and expressed a sincere invitation to academic communication with them. During the talk, two sides reached a common goal: deeping academic cooperation and building a "two-way communication center and reach a Chinese-French academic heights." Eventually, we reached highly cooperation with them. That was through building Research Center of EU Laws, and Research Center of Comparative Law and Research Center of Public Law to strengthen intercollegiate exchanges. Baseing on language advantages and clear research direction, we will send excellent teachers, doctors, postdoctors and students of our international class to their university for exchange. And they will also send excellent students to us for exchange and visit. In heated discussions and interaction, the activity ended with a successful conclusion.