• Schoolfellows of Law Science in 2000 paid a visit back to alma mater
  • Professor Qu Maohui and his party’s visit to Japan achieved gratifying results
  • A grand opening ceremony was held for graduate students of 2014
  • The red-carpet granding ceremony for the 2014th postgraduates
  • Our school held a seminar with Hokkaido University Law School
Open Courses from the York University
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On the morning of December 18, in classroom 516 complex building in Hunan University , several teachers from York University provided us with an open class of which topic is public service marketization. Many students of law school  came to attend the class who major in public administration, booming the atmosphere.

As the world's top 100 universities,York University have cooperative projects with Renmin University of China, Wuhan University, Zhengzhou University and other national key universities.Coming to our school to give lectures, the University of York's purpose is to attract talents of Hunan University who are interested in studying communication.

Preaching started, professor from the University of York explained us an overview of the marketization of public service in United Kingdom .First of all, he showed us the United Kingdom has achieved great success in social security after the establishment of free medical and marketing outsourcing since 2003 in the national health service (NHS). The combination of public and private sector institution was promoted in various fields by United Kingdom, focused and resolved through market competition and privatization of public services. He noted that the United Kingdom system and the supply of public goods in China vary widely, United Kingdom public service practice success on China's provision of public goods and social services to some extent is instructive. He went on analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the marketization of public service in the United Kingdom and suggested that students majoring in this should be equipped with the essential legal, contractual, and evaluation skills.

Then, another teacher introduces the development of the University of York, and its admissions program was elaborate. University of York tops ten in UK, which has adequate and advanced hardware and facilities as well as with a salient academic atmosphere. Our professional placed second in the all England. The College has more than 900 students, the total of 23 professional degree programs, primarily involved in welfare, medical and health studies and policy analysis, and so on. She pointed out that the University's courses and requirements about application for a doctorate and master's degrees at the University's Lectures.

In the end, people began to question. The teacher from the University of York patiently explained. In heated discussions and interaction, the preach went to a successful conclusion.